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Sniper ace101 a posted Mar 9, 12
   There has been some minor changes to the code of conduct so please review that when you get a chance. Also this goes for everyone in AOD, zZ SOLO GOD Zz and any of there affiliated clan members are here by black listed from AOD. Meaning you may still game with them, but they are not alowed near any AOD clan functions such as meeting or GB tryouts, and if you are ever with Sniper ace101 DO NOT invite them or they will be kicked.
   This has been your Founder Sniper ace101


Rfhsk8r a posted Feb 29, 12
 Hello to everyone in AOD this message is for all those new recruits and people who still are kinda new to the clan. I am not really too worried about getting new members into the AOD clan unless they are just a really bad ass COD player. So from now on ANYONE who is recruiting someone into AOD must run it by a higher up to make sure that person is good enough for the clan.
Also we are going to have a mass GB tryout this saturday at 8PM eastern time any and all members interested in GB should attend this meeting. I would like for any member of AOD to also bring it apon themselves if they dont get invited to a gb team in the next few day to start one of your own weather it be a HC singles ladder team or Doubles I dont really care I would just really like to see AOD very active in the GB and MLG scene. So please if you feel the need to play Gamebattles dont wait for me to tell you to
This has been your Founder Sniper ace101 AKA AOD prettyhartz

AOD members

Sniper ace101 a posted Dec 28, 11
  Ok people we have really stared to get lazy. We are not recruiting hardly anyone anymore, and those that I have seen recruited were not done so properly. I am going to start talking to all my generals and having a mass removal of all inactive or un-interested members.
   On another note next week we will seperate the branches acording to what game you will be playing most. Our GB team will begin playing MW3 soon. Anyone who would like to host a  GB team for the clan all you have to do is ask if your not on the A team already of course. Thank you for all of you that continue to stay Loyal and proud to be an AOD member... AOD#1
        This has been your Founder Sniper ace101

AOD Clan

Sniper ace101 a posted Dec 7, 11
    AOD will soon offically be apart of MW3 and Black ops We will play BOTH and host meetings on BOTH servers. We are still working out the kinks but I believe we will deignate 1 Branch (maybe 2) to the Black ops server and 2 Branches for MW3 Depending on the overall amount that primarily play each game. I would like to see you guys start recruiting like we were back when AOD first started out So we can branch off some more.
     Also The A GB team will have its Roster and begin practicing this weekend I will hopefully have the B team also up and running by this weekend but im not making any promises because that Zombies gig. Other than that Keep up the good work guys I continue my search for eligable new Generals and other Higher up spots in the clan and also for good players to put on my A team. Word of the day is RECRUITS!
      This has been your Founder Sniper ace101

Black List

Sniper ace101 a posted Nov 22, 11
   To EVERYONE in AOD. RRHSRAM92 Has been Black listed from the clan. If I hear anything about him being apart of any AOD function, the person over seeing that function and all other higher ups that were apart of it will most likely be kick. You may still play with him if you would like. Just remember if I hear any word of you talking shit about me or anything to do with AOD will result in a sever punishment that will be alot worse than if you were doing it with anyone else or doing really anything else. Be warned If I catch him in a Clan meeting or tryout again people will be removed from AOD.
       This has been your Founder Sniper ace101
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